Chemistry and Plus Productions reveal the dark side of money in anti-trophy hunting video.

ATLANTA (December 12, 2016) – The latest video for Friends of Animals is part of a fundraising campaign that takes aim at trophy hunting. Nothing is taboo as viewers embark on a dark journey from brothel to blood diamond mine to an illegal pill mill and finally a boastful trophy hunter. It ends with dozens of images of real trophy hunters who have posted photos of their kills on social media with the message, “Money doesn’t make it ok.” The PSA can be viewed at Also here.


The spot was created to raise money to help fund and pass Cecil’s Law. This critical piece of legislation would seriously hamper the importation of hunting trophies into New York, where approximately 80 percent of all trophies are imported. The law was named after Cecil, the African lion slain by an American dentist in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe in July 2015. The story gained international press coverage and brought attention to the trophy hunting epidemic.


“We want to elevate the conversation. Trophy hunting is a massive problem funded by a very small, very wealthy group of people with a twisted set of beliefs. There are a lot of people who want to do something. It’s our job to get them to recognize the size of the problem and the fact that they can do something about it,” said Chris Breen, chief creative officer of Chemistry Atlanta.


Chemistry enlisted Plus Productions, LA and the directing duo of Ryan Simpson and Alvaro Santos to tell the compelling story. Other partners included Company 3, Joel Simon Music and Beacon Street Studios.


“Our goal is to challenge people to think about trophy hunting in a different way,” explained Breen. “If this PSA gets people talking about the issue, then we may save thousands of magnificent creatures from being killed.”