How to Amplify Brand Awareness with Influencers

In today’s social media-addicted world, it’s not surprising that there is a new definition of what it means to be an influencer. Simply being funny, sharing advice or providing useful tips that appeal to thousands of consumers can turn virtually anyone into a social media influencer seemingly overnight. Along with that status comes the attention of brands that frequently partner with influencers to reach their niche audiences.


Chemistry tapped into a group of influencers when we worked with Elmer’s to increase brand awareness and create new content for its Painter’s Paint Pens. We challenged 12 top DIY bloggers to use the product on household items and share their creations on their blogs and social channels. The campaign worked. It not only targeted women who enjoy DIY projects; the bloggers gave the brand even more credibility while showcasing how easy everyday objects can be transformed with Elmer’s and a little imagination.


Chemistry’s partnership with the bloggers provided us with some important insights that are worth sharing:


  1. Work with bloggers and social media celebrities whose audiences are most closely aligned with the product. Even though Painter’s Paint Pens are used by women of all ages, we specifically targeted DIY bloggers because their audiences are more likely to use the product.
  2. Include bloggers’ social media channels in the brand program. While the blog itself may have a great audience, top bloggers also have large social media audiences. Posts on those channels can reinforce brand messages and provide additional awareness.
  3. Request analytics up front. Measurement is important, especially if you want to analyze campaign success by web traffic, clicks, etc. Influencers typically don’t share this data unless it’s discussed at the outset.
  4. Determine where messages should be placed in the blogger’s post. While you need to give influencers the flexibility to create posts in their own style, sometimes it makes sense to specify how/where important messages are communicated. We asked our bloggers to promote the Style by Aisle consumer contest when talking about their experience with Painter’s Paint Pens. We worked with each blogger to incorporate the contest details at specific places in their post so it seemed natural and not like a product placement.
  5. Create a relationship. If an influencer is a fan of your product, they will be more willing to partner on upcoming projects or even mention your product in their future posts entirely on their own.


Our experience shows that working with influencers can be very effective. Our partnership with 12 top bloggers generated 15,569 engagements on their blogs and social channels. It also inspired consumers to purchase the product. Comments that indicated purchase intent (“Well, now I’m absolutely sold. I will have to try these.”) were made throughout the campaign.