Wendy’s For The Culture

Wendy’s For The Culture

By: Shanelle Pickraum

I love it when brands stand out for great strategy, creative and execution.  Wendy’s drew a line in the sand with its mixtape on Spotify called “We Beefin“! In the current “fast food wars” between them, Burger King and Mc Donald’s, we have seen them go at each other via Twitter but now it’s gotten real. The songs from mixtape could easily go from Spotify to broadcast or digital channels with ease.

For those who don’t know the phrase “For the Culture,” it stems from popular culture or some even say it refers to hip hop culture. For this particular social campaign it’s a little of both. With regard to hip hop, did you know that it is the most consumed genre in the US and much of it is delivered to consumers via mixtapes? And Hip Hop has the most notorious beefs. Wait…we all know that “beef” means, right? The late great rapper Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.) defined it perfectly but I’ll let you search that on your own. Beef is basically when people have an issue with one another (urban dictionary).

With regards to pop culture, we are all familiar with Wendy’s Twitter account’s social game; it’s  social media gold!  Twitter is where people spout off random opinions, live tweet during events or even get their news in popular culture. We’ve seen everything from activists, artists and even presidents *insert eyeroll* use Twitter as a way to share their message with the masses! For Wendy’s Twitter was the perfect channel to get the word out quickly and for people to share it instantly.


So now the conversation begins, is this on brand for Wendy’s? I think yes! Because this “beef” and quick smart responses via Twitter to the general public and competition that has been ongoing. Not to mention most of Wendy’s demographic are heavy consumers of hip hop and social media. Will it get more people through the doors? Will it sell burgers? In the long run, quite possibly but right now Wendy’s is definitely hitting it out of the park in terms of social listening, viral campaigns and integrations. If nothing at all, the team that runs that account is definitely going to be up for some awards! Time will tell how this all pans out.


Enough with the nerd talk.What do you think?


I don’t know about you but Wendy’s may just be my favorite Twitter account now!


PS. I don’t mean to send you down a rabbit hole with the links, but I want everyone to be on the same page. 🙂