MATTER | July 6, 2018

Every week, our senior strategist David Choe puts together a link roundup of links that he likes and sends them around the office. This is that list, presented unabridged.


I don’t know about y’all…


But having a Wednesday become both a Saturday and yet remain a Wednesday just really threw me for a loop.  This week on Matter, we take a deep dive into things like streetwear, ceramics and other lovely things that have taken over the minds and souls of our youth.



Is Streetwear Dead? Should it be?


Streetwear has taken over, and it’s here to stay. The perfect storm of mindless hype, Instagram and the unending fashion cycle has created something of a monster.  That’s why we’ve dedicated 3 links to this particular topic. Eat up friends.


Now Fashion’s Take.The Former Creative Director of Supreme’s Take.Virgil Abloh’s Take.



Netflix’s Road to Success, Visualized.


We all know that Netflix is permeating our hearts and minds and probably embedding terrible and untold ideologies and conspiracies as we binge-watch The Office for the 12th time, but they are still a beast of a business.


Here’s a visual look at their growth: Data!



All Things Advertising


The best of Cannes right here.




What percentage of your thoughts are positive vs. negative?

Picnics make for happy marriages

Stunning underwater photos

Generosity Burnout is a thing

The most beautiful toilet on earth

MOSGA – Make OS Great Again

East Fork Ceramics, seriously beautiful shit

Pseudo-Pharmacy Startups?

Nat Geo’s Photographer of the year

Why it’s okay to be a washed out loser