MATTER | August 3, 2018

MATTER | August 3, 2018

Every week, our senior strategist David Choe puts together a link roundup of links that he likes and sends them around the office. This is that list, presented unabridged.


Internet Love


For the most part, the internet is the absolute worst, but sometimes, it’s quite nice. This week on Matter, we explore digital moments that may or may not have forced human tear drops to fall upon our laps.

Stay sipping.


Sonos Redesigns the Opening Bell for the NYSE


Obviously this isn’t a tear jerker, and still falls hard under the category of capitalistic stunts and stupor, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

This comes by way of our own Carl Corbitt, and tells the story of how Sonos created an opening bell for the launch of their own stock ticker.

They are really living out their mission: Make Everything Sound Better.



Dream Job: Telling People They Won the Lottery


This dude’s job is to tell people they won a life altering sum of money.

I mean, that’s pretty dope. He says he feels like a cross between Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny.

There was definitely a tear involved here.


A Story of Nuance, the South, and Home


Honestly, best for last fam.

This is one of the more moving pieces we’ve come across in a long time. It’s the story of a successful woman, Jesmyn Ward, returning to her home in the deep South, and the deep sorrows and joys of such a return.

Tissues in the break room.




All Things Advertising


Love when brands troll other brands – Qdoba takes a swing at Chipotle for their “free” Guac Campaign #shade




Finding Hope and Healing in Kimchi

Havas has found that “meaningful brands” outperform the market by 206%

Plant based eggs – must be some weird looking chickens

The Warby Parker of paint-buying???

The most beautiful cabin in the woods

The alternative to thinking all the time

Jeff Goldblum, Zaddy of the web

Burberry Rebrand 

Pivoting an established biz