“It’s a social event.”

Chemistry’s new Director of Social Media is getting a lot of likes.  Meet Laura Forester.


How did you end up with a career in social media?

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling. Yes, really! I had a least a dozen imaginary friends when I was little and ALL of them had unique backstories, goals and talents. I created adventures and paths and specific personas for them. It’s that same creative exploration about motivations and campaigns that’s kept me excited (and employed) in social media.


There’s something really important about having enthusiasm for the way in which you can take someone on a journey. I love fueling my mind with reading and writing about what turns people on, makes them invested, gets them involved or causes them to make a purchase.


I started out in event planning, public relations and traditional media. However, the connectedness and empowerment of individuals and brands through social media exploded. I not only wanted to be a part of that incredible movement – I wanted to understand it. And professionally, make sure that the people and brands I was working on were making the right choices – telling the smart stories.


Most of us start our days with social media. It’s the very first thing we do. We wake up and consume our feeds. We tap through stories. We haven’t even had our coffee and we’ve been streaming, scrolling, swiping and sending content.


So yes, I’ve always had a passion for storytelling. And a career in social media allows me to bring ideas, inspiration and insights into the hands of the world.


How do you keep up with the changing landscape of social media?

Honestly, I don’t think any one person can keep up alone. Did you know that in one minute something like seven million Snapchat users are watching videos? In the same 60 seconds some 350,000 tweets have been sent. Depending on your perspective, that’s either complete absurd or incredibly fascinating.


You have to stay curious and analytical. I’m constantly researching articles from industry publications. I’m always growing and building relationships with the strategic leaders within major and minor social platforms. I’m collaborating with publishing and reporting partners – from content to media. Social media is a critical and creative part of multi-channel activations and a really exciting place for brands. It certainly moves fast – but if you have the right team, the right support, you don’t have to do it alone.


What’s your favorite part (so far) about being in this role at Chemistry?

Well, I’m new to the team, but not the industry. My favorite part is that this team has a BIG appetite. They’re hungry for ideas. They crave information and collaboration. I’m thrilled to be a part of an agency that’s digging in and having some serious fun. My hope is that my approach to social content and digital strategy brings them supportive energy – perhaps elevates the already great work. Oh! Another favorite thing is that I’ve laughed every single day. They’ve got the right attitude.


What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I think the easy answer would be jumping out of perfectly functioning airplane. For fun.


However, the biggest adventure I’ve been on was about a decade ago. I bought a one-way ticket to Dublin, Ireland. I moved to pursue a master’s degree at Trinity College while also working at the Edelman office near St. Stephen’s Green.


Buy me a pint and I’ll tell you all about it.


Outside of Pittsburgh, where have you called home?

Dublin. (Sláinte!)

I was born in West Virginia. I’ve lived in Germany.

I spent a summer in Alicante.


Have wanderlust. Will travel.