MATTER | September 21, 2018

MATTER | September 21, 2018

Every week (or other week, or sometimes every other season), our senior strategist David Choe puts together a link roundup of links that he likes and sends them around the office. This is that list, presented unabridged.


New Seasons, New Magic


Summer is coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner. With a new season comes fresh perspective. This week on Matter we dive into the topic of change. Organizations experiencing change. How we change as people. It’s all here folks.

Also #PSL


Gap’s first brand in years. 


Gap has come to stand for… not much. Once a darling brand, it’s been pretty quiet as of late.
That changed today with the launch of their first new brand in years, Hill City.

Hill City is a men’s athleisure / performance-wear brand targeted to the “modern man”. With brands like Everlane, Frank & Oak and all the rest, popping up everyday, do you think they’ll be able to stand out?

More here.


Fashion is changing faster than we can keep up.


And some brand are capitalizing on this rapidly changing landscape.

Ssense uses data and guts to keep up with the times and make that money.

Makes sense.


Popcorn at the movies is so 2009.


We’re not the only ones that have been suckered into getting the $20 XL popcorn and drink combo for unlimited refills, but looks like that’s all about to change.

The concessions business is big business, $1 billion big, and it’s only about to get bigger.

Movie theaters are expanding their menus and emptying our wallets in the process. 




All Things Advertising


Papa John’s has started its rebranding process with a new video highlighting its franchisees and employees.




How Headspace rebranded meditation

200-year-old guide to color, digitzed

A new times new roman to help kids cheat

How ordinary people can take back power

Food puzzles, oh what a joy

The sharpest knife ever made

The GoPro that might save the company

Facebook dating? 

We are a ranch nation

Eating carbs is actually good for you now