Chemistry and Friends of Animals Team Up to Save America’s Wild Horses

“Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away.” These Rolling Stones lyrics have been slurred into karaoke mics for decades. But as it turns out, it’s the wild horses that are being dragged away. Tens of thousands of wild horses are being forcibly removed from public lands to begin the process of selling the parcels off to large scale ranch operations. In fact, the US government alone has imprisoned over 45,000 wild horses in far less than ideal conditions.


Friends of Animals, a nonprofit animal advocacy group and our longtime collaborators, reached out to us for a campaign that would draw attention to this issue. The main hurdle we identified was a lack of awareness about the wild horses in the first place. Most Americans might not even be aware that there are still wild horses out there. Even for the average horse enthusiast, they’re more familiar with and passionate about the horses in their stables than they are non-domesticated steeds in the wilds of Wyoming. This meant we needed to connect these beautiful animals to something that every American can relate to: the struggle for freedom.


Wild horses, and the wild west in general, epitomize that American need to roam and be free. In fact, the only thing more emblematic of American freedom than a mustang trotting the amber waves is a cowboy. A-ha. The cowboy. We could use this worldwide icon, this perfect symbol of untamed freedom, to speak up for our animal friends. Because if the stern, rugged cowboy was thrown by the injustices these horses were suffering, saying a word for the loss of their habitat… wouldn’t that hit home for anyone who’s lucky enough to have one?



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