All We Want for the Holidays: Position Your Social Strategy to Impact Business

This time of year, some of us are making our lists and checking them twice…while others are evaluating our objectives and deciding our business metrics. All we want this year is to help our clients make sure their social strategy is primed to impact their business and drive results in the new year.


Deck the halls with tinsel, tactics and targeting!

Bah humbug? Not here.


Here’s our holiday checklist to prep for an exciting and successful 2019:



There is a wealth of resources to help you hire the right people. And even more to get them trained. However, we think that the best way to set your strategy in the right direction is to align skill set with tasks. From social media strategists, digital-first content creators and trend-mining analysts — enable your internal (or agency team) to do what they are good at. Let the experts help you your achieve results.



Why are we doing this? What do you want to accomplish? What facet of your business are you hoping to impact? We LOVE a good goal-digger. Clearly define your purpose for engaging in social media. Set social and business goals and continuously measure your results. If you don’t have a purpose — you’re not quite ready to publish.



It’s all about the right content on the right channels. You need to leverage your technology and social platforms the RIGHT way. We see your tools and channels not just as a conduits for sharing content but as the front line to establish data sets and generate insights. From our social listening partner innovating with artificial intelligence to brands exploring the possibilities of dark social — we want you to be efficient and effective with where you push and track content.



We get it. This one always gets put on the Naughty List. Stay with us. Establishing workflows is HARD work. However, time and again, a standardized method provides a reliable, consistent, repeatable approach that ultimately reduces friction and creates more compelling outcomes.


Chemistry In the New Year:

From scroll-stopping content to intelligent community management and metric-based campaigns…we don’t JUST get social. We understand it has to be a strategic part of your business plan. From big idea to production, our lens is always “create a reaction.” We know our work will have a life of its own and want to make sure it’s not only easy to pass along but also impacts your goals.