Advertising: A Many Splendored Thing

A few words of wisdom by Tim Smith, President Chemistry, Atlanta 


With the big game behind us and Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m feeling the love for everyone in our industry.


After 25+ years in the business, I still get excited talking advertising with those who share my obsession for what we do in our nutty little world.  I’m still inspired by the pressure that comes along with deadlines and long nights. I get a little turned on by the jealousy between agencies. And what’s more adrenaline-fueled than a ferocious competition within the agency and the lust for great work? I marvel at the passion for the weird industry accolades. I crave the pre-pitch butterflies in my stomach. And I love the people, the big-ego creative directors, the quirky writers, the nerdy developers, and the too-hip art directors – all influencing culture.


So, take the time to appreciate our wonderful love/hate relationship with the grind. Let’s hold dear this thing called advertising and revel in the fact that if it weren’t for marketing, chocolate would not have its own special day.