Pittsburgh ADDY’s: Chemistry wins 2 Golds, 2 Silvers + Judges Award of Excellence

“…We also had a whole lot of drinks and some serious fun with our comrades in the Pittsburgh Marketing industry.  Congrats to this years winners!”


-Chuck Barkey, VP Creative Director

& Pittsburgh AdFed Board Member



As Pittsburgh marketing industry celebrates its best work, it offers a little wry humor as well 

Teresa F. Lindeman, Pittsburgh Post Gazette


MARCH 9, 2019.  In a marketing world gone topsy-turvy as digital forms crush print and television shows give way to YouTube videos, members of the Pittsburgh Advertising Federation seem to have hung onto their sense of humor.


That’s the impression given by the ads in the program for the annual Pittsburgh Advertising Awards event, which was set for Friday evening at the Byham Theater.


Winners took home 96 Addys, as the prizes are nicknamed, with 42 of them gold and 54 silver. 


Deeplocal scored the coveted Best of Show award for a Google Home Mini Golf campaign that seems to fit with the Strip District agency’s signature innovative marketing specialty. Two years ago, Deeplocal took Best of Show for a pop-up cafe in New York serving tiny versions of famed restaurant dishes.


Three judges’ awards of excellence were handed out: two to Downtown agency Garrison Hughes for a radio spot featuring the Pittsburgh Foundation and an outdoor campaign for the Heinz History Center’s American Spirits Prohibition campaign, and one to Chemistry for work done for Beverly’s Birthdays, an organization that helps create celebrations for families in need.


Covalent in Lawrenceville won the Mosaic award for work celebrating diversity. It had submitted work done for TedXPittsburgh’s Small Worlds, Bold Ideas program.


But this kind of an event is also about marketing folks displaying a little plumage and acknowledging both the camaraderie and the competitiveness in the room.


For the Addy program brochure, Downtown agency Gatesman created an Addy bingo game. It included boxes for “Creatives who will dress up but refuse to tuck their shirts in” and “Ad agency program ad that gets a little meta.”


And from Downtown agency Brunner came a list of questions to determine if you deserved to be on the credits list of a contest entry. The checklist included: “Did you work on the account once on a completely unrelated project?” and “Did you make unasked-for suggestions that were never used?”


Answering yes to “Did you bring donuts?” is a point in your favor.


In terms of overall hauls, Garrison Hughes had the biggest pile of awards with 30 awards — 12 gold and 18 silver — helped along by its work for the Heinz History Center, including both the Prohibition exhibit and one focused on America’s moon landing.


In second place, three agencies each collected 10 awards. Deeplocal had seven gold and three silver, while Downtown-based Animal and Station Square-based Marc USA each had five gold and five silver.


Lest anyone think there aren’t a lot of operations in town selling marketing expertise — or that all the advertising talent is concentrated in, say, New York — here’s a list of the other award-winning organizations: Wall-to-Wall Studios, three gold and six silver; Smith Brothers Agency, four gold and one silver; Chemistry, four gold and two silver; Red House Communications, three silver; Marketspace Communications, one gold and one silver; Covalent, one gold and two silver; and Gatesman, two silver.


Teresa F. Lindeman: tlindeman@post-gazette.com or 412-263-2018.


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