Muse by Clio: The Year in Creativity 2019

Chris Breen, Chemistry ATL’s Chief Creative Officer, was recently engaged by the editor of The Muse By Clio to talk about his favorite work in 2019 as well as the state of creativity in 2019/2020.  Here are his thoughts:





Netflix x Samsung, “Waiting with Huell” Netflix asked us to create exclusive content for their partnership with Samsung We ended up creating 62 hours of video content leading into the world premiere of the Breaking Bad movie El Camino on Netflix The idea centered around Huell, a relatively minor character in the series While Huell wasn’t the star of El Camino, he was still getting a lot of play on social media He had achieved cult status among fans who wanted to know what happened to him So, we took this nugget and ran with it We set out to answer the question, what happened to Huell? Last time fans saw him, he was waiting in a safehouse for DEA agents to return The idea allowed fans to sit and wait with their beloved Huell as his world and the movie premiere synced up in real time The entire thing was livestreamed on Samsung TVs across the globe and shared in bite-size nuggets in social for millions of fans to watch and talk about As a result, more people watched El Camino on opening weekend than the No 1 box-office film, Joker




Wall Street Journal, “Read Yourself Better” I love the new Wall Street Journal work by The&Partnership It focuses on the end user, or as the campaign likes to point out, the reader There is a difference The work challenges you to become a participant in forming your opinions In some ways the campaign is the antithesis of the New York Times campaign from Droga5 What is interesting about the WSJ campaign is that it challenges the reader in a bigger way than perhaps the Times campaign did That campaign was truly fantastic, but it really set out to make the Times the hero and shed light on the importance of truth The WSJ campaign doesn’t make the news or the work that goes into it the hero It basically says you are the hero, but only if you choose to be accountable and read




Digital and social not sucking Not sure if it actually qualifies as a trend, but the marketing pendulum seems to be swinging back to brand over product With digital and social so omnipresent, everything has been commoditized. You name it, you can find it somewhere else cheaper or better or get it faster, and you are constantly being reminded about it Your purchases follow you like cheap perfume The brands that are winning are elevating their story out of the muck of product. When I was a kid, I remember the back of the Miami Herald being covered from top to bottom in car ads On some level, the whole world turned into the back of a 1980s Miami Herald Not pretty, and impossible for consumers to care about your brand Social and digital moving past simply selling products and features to help brands connect in authentic ways has me pumped.




The ideas are coming! The ideas are coming! I don’t think we’ll see a massive shift We’ve become so risk adverse Less risk Less reward All of the data and analytics are only a good thing if they enable your decision making I think we are getting close to a tipping point with how agencies on the whole use data When that happens, I feel like we’ll hit the sort of Golden Age of Creativity in the digital and social era Of course, it’s not going to happen in one fell swoop It’s going to happen one awesome piece of content at a time As an industry, we were making ads the same way they made them in 1972 That had to change, and it has. P.S. Robots scare me.



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