Agencies Commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month

Agencies are commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15th-Oct. 15) with campaigns and other initiatives.




Cross-cultural creative agency the community has launched a new campaign that aims to rally Latina Moms to take over social media pinky promising their kids they’ll #votelikeamadre on November 3rd to fight climate change.


The agency partnered with Latino Victory Project and non-profit Potential Energy Action Network. Horizon Media led media, and 42West is leading PR. Other partner agencies include CAA.


The campaign is fronted by some the most recognizable Latino moms from across music, television, film, and business, including Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Salma HayekZoe Saldana, Jessica Alba, Jordana Brewster, Joy Huerta, and Desi Perkins, among others.


Posts from these celebrities show them each making these pinky promises to their kids on Instagram, showing their pinky nails decorated as a public commitment to the pledge. They’re urging moms across the country to paint or decorate one of their pinky nails and post to social while tagging/challenging another mom to do the same as a symbol of this pinky promise.


The effort also includes paid media, social, programmatic video and display, Pandora radio, and DJ live reads. The national campaign will remain in market through Election Day on Tuesday, November 3rd.


Agency Chemistry is introducing a Hispanic-inspired content series on Instagram featuring and amplifying voices of Hispanic and Latinx employees in collaboration with its cross-cultural marketing agency, Pinta (which Chemistry acquired a majority stake in last year).


Every week, the team is highlighting three to four employees who share their thoughts and perspectives about being Hispanic, experiences, and connection to creativity and culture.


WPP’s Wavemaker is hosting two virtual events for its staff. The first happening on October 1 will be a virtual poetry reading featuring Melanie Shaw, Mildred Fuentes-Chung, and Susana Marcelo. On October 6th the second event will pair Gonzalo del Fa, President of Multicultural at GroupM who will share insights on the roles of both culture and language when reaching out to Hispanic audiences.


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