Production During “Unprecedented Times”

By: Kevin Wilson


As with all things during the pandemic, production guidelines vary from state to state. At Chemistry, we’ve been staying busy and doing our best to stay safe at the same time. Remote productions have become the most common path to create content. The same goes for productions happening in our own backyard. In-person meetings with directors and in-person castings have become a thing of the past. These meetings have always been the best way to really connect with our production partners/directors and ensure all are on the same page, but we adapt and have Zoomed our way to bonding virtually.


Remote production and not being together on set can take a bit more time than what we have been accustomed to, but we have been very successful navigating this new normal by communicating clearly with our clients about what to expect and planning for as many pitfalls as we can.


We have had a few in-person productions, as well. Safety is paramount. Our production partners follow AICP guidelines, COVID testing when needed and supplying all the necessary PPE. Crew sizes are much smaller, and accommodations have been made for agency and clients that would like to participate remotely.


I do feel some aspects of production during this pandemic will remain even after this is behind us. We are finding ways to work more efficiently, and this will factor into less people traveling to future productions and for less time away.


Remaining flexible and changing with the times has been key. I truly love the way the production community has come together to find such creative ways to solve content creation during this time.