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Jul 29, 2022

Chemistry Unfiltered: August

Chipotle is breaking the ice- literally. 

There’s no room for awkward silence when you have a Chipotle ad to break the ice – and we mean that literally. In Chipotle’s most recent tv spot during a Stanley Cup Playoff Game, they blurred the line of reality when a giant gloved hand broke through the ice to snag a burrito bowl that was pushed out by a Zamboni. The brand combined live programming inside the arena with a commercial break for this unforgettable ad.

In an interview with Ad Age, Andrew Isaacson, executive VP of The Famous Group, which produced the spot, explained there’s “a new type of ad inventory that may exist now because we’re combining what looks like programming with the traditional commercial.”  

The spot aired at the end of a commercial break and made “viewers think that they’re coming back to programming when in reality they’re still in a commercial break and that rolls over into the programming.” 

Ultimately, Chipotle showed they’re not afraid to experiment. At Chemistry, we want our clients to do the same. While the method to our madness might not be a giant hockey-gloved hand appearing on a tv screen, let’s connect about what experimentation looks like for you and your brand. Let’s Connect!

Ring Concierge is burglar approved

Those not in the market for an engagement ring may not have heard about the new luxury jeweler, Ring Concierge (RC). Catering to the Instagram-obsessed millennial, the brand exploded into virality by blurring the lines of retailer and influencer, becoming the viral poster child for turning lemons into liquid gold. 

Here’s the tea: Just six months after opening their flagship location in New York City, thieves burglarized the store taking diamond and gold jewelry and damaging the store. 

Two days after the robbery, the store reopened alongside a weeklong digital and experiential brand activation inspired by the store’s robbery. Something in the universe was on RC’s side because, in 2021, they had a jewelry-heist-themed photo shoot, but the idea was scrapped and never used… until now.

Their Instagram Stories engagement was 142% higher than average with the burglary-themed content, and the brand saw 50x more DMs than usual. On their reopening day, Ring Concierge earned an additional $17,000 in online retail, and their website traffic was up by 400% in comparison to an average day.

The numbers and data don’t lie f – the campaign was a hit. The massive success can be attributed to the brand’s consistent transparency, and consistent engagement with its community and consumers. RC regularly turns to its following as a trusted sounding board when it comes to new designs and styles,  so it’s no surprise that they’ve stayed true to the brand even in a time of crisis. Instead of staying silent, RC took the opportunity to share the behind-the-scenes of the brand’s reality, while also sharing an optimistic message of turning a tragic situation into a good opportunity.  The lesson from Ring Concierge – having an authentic, consistent, and transparent connection with your audience ensures support and loyalty in the good times and bad.

Read more about how Ring Concierge is deliberately (and successfully) leaning into an organic vs. a paid social strategy. [Digiday]

Metaverse for Dummies: What is it and what do you need to know?

While everyone seems to talk about the Metaverse like they invented it, what the hell is it? According to Ad Age, many people seem to have an unclear perception of what it is. To  clear things up right away, the Metaverse “specifically refers to a collection of digital worlds in which users can create content and interact with others as avatars, or digital versions of themselves.” In these worlds, users can operate as they would in the real world. They can exchange assets, update their wardrobe, and move around from one virtual world to the next. 

Many brands have leaned into these virtual spaces, holding sponsored events, selling branded NFTs, and even creating their own “worlds” for people to explore. I know, I know… we brought up NFTs, but I’d be remiss not to. [sorry!] They’re expected to play a huge role in the virtual spaces, being used as currency, rewards, or ways to go full sartorialist with your avatar. 

Will the Metaverse be the next big thing or is it already on its way? Personally, I have more than enough going on in my physical life and don’t foresee myself exploring virtual worlds anytime soon. But ask me again in six months. I did say the same thing about TikTok. 

While this could seem daunting, one key takeaway from all of this virtual exploration – “the metaverse represents a convergence of extended reality (XR), gaming, social media, and crypto, and thus offers a unique pathway to reach digitally minded audiences in engaging ways.” So while NFTs or the Metaverse may not be your thing, always be thinking about how to meet audiences where they are.

Metaverse marketing—tracking virtual activations and more | Ad Age

Social Commerce: Scroll & Shop

Social media has always been a place to find inspiration for your next big purchase, from outfits to dinner or even the wedding of your dreams. But now you can do it all in one place – get inspired and get some retail therapy. From direct purchasing in-app to live stream selling events, social commerce is definitely on the rise. According to a study from Mintel, 60% of consumers are interested in making a purchase through social media. 

Gen Z and Millenials are the generational driving force in social commerce, spending an average of two and a half hours on social media daily. That’s 180 minutes where they could be shopping and making purchases without even leaving an app. 

Social commerce has its roadblocks, though the biggest one is consumers’ concern for security. 38% of consumers lack trust in the security of their payment information and 23% are worried they’ll never receive their purchase. This is why it’s important for brands to be consistent and transparent in reassuring their customers about their practices to keep their information secure.

By 2025, social commerce sales will be valued at around $80 billion and it’s likely that even at this level, it will comprise about 5% of total US e-commerce sales. While it will still be a small percentage of overall e-commerce sales, it will still be a key part of the online shopping experience.

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