“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”
-Albert Einstein

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The Russell Trotter Ally Internship.

The Ally Internship is a partnership between Chemistry and black-owned creative businesses. The concept is simple. There is an abundance of Black creative talent that is often overlooked or is unaware of the creative career paths in Advertising. The Ally Internships seeks to turn this problem on its head by pairing young Black creatives with Chemistry as well as Black-owned creative businesses. It is designed to introduce them to various opportunities within advertising as well as Black entrepreneurship. In 2021, Chemistry (and the world) lost an invaluable creative community member in producer Russell Trotter. To honor “Russell Hustle” and his two-decade-long contributions to the creative community, the Ally Internship has been named in his honor. 

Rest In Peace, Russ.

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