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Aug 22, 2023

To Win Big with with Latino Consumers, Brands Should Lean into Spanglish

The United States has always been a country of immigrants, but for generations the goal of recent arrivals was to assimilate on a path towards achieving the American Dream. 

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Aug 08, 2023

Agency News You Need To Know This Week

As organic social content AOR, Chemistry’s in-house production team, @TestTube, will work with Focus Brands’ in-house social media team to produce content and grow the various chains' social presence.

Chemistry News

Aug 08, 2023

Gen Z Latinos embrace “Spanglish”

The big picture: Many Latinos in the U.S. are increasingly reclaiming aspects of their heritage, including speaking Spanish (or some version of it) or adding accent marks to their names. The shift comes after years of older generations being taught to assimilate.

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Aug 08, 2023

TikTok and YouTube Key to Reaching the U.S. Hispanic Audience

The U.S. Hispanic market is a key focus for many entertainment companies. With a population of 62.6 million as of July 2021, Hispanics are the largest racial or ethnic minority in the States.

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May 01, 2023

Agencies add valuable perspective as in-house brand studios grow

Brands with in-house content studios have more ownership of ideas, but agencies bring crucial outside perspectives.

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May 01, 2023

Jason Dille Promoted to Chief Media Officer at Chemistry

Pittsburgh, PA-based independent full-service advertising agency Chemistry has promoted Jason Dille to Chief Media Officer. 

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Mar 06, 2023

Movers & Shakers

Chemistry promoted Christy Bates and Ashley Friedrich Hampton to EVP, client partnerships and Courtney Saul to EVP, partnerships and experiments.

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Mar 01, 2023


Chemistry Chief Creative Officer Chris Breen believes one reason some feel the quality of work has dropped recently is because of the fragmented media landscape in which ads exist.

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Feb 21, 2023


Moms of CMOs offer advice, Goodby exec grabs game-winning ball at the Super Bowl, Smoothie King chooses Barkley, and more.

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Feb 13, 2023

Super Bowl Advertising Can’t Be One-Off Spots Anymore

Chemistry COO Mike Valdes-Fauli spoke to AdWeek and weighed in on the need for integrated and inclusive campaigns vs. one-off hits on Big Game days.


Jan 25, 2023

How to Represent: The Act of Creative Representation

Chemistry’s Chief Creative Officer and Partner, Chris Breen gave his perspective in an article for Advertising about “The Act of Creative Representation.” Chris discusses how having a diverse team, earning trust and acting with urgency will lead to powerful representation.

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Jan 25, 2023

Chemistry Unfiltered: January

Did you miss the latest edition of our newsletter, Chemistry Unfiltered? Or do you want to learn more about the experiments we dissected? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. This month is all about brands, people, and ads taking on 2023 with a new perspective. Here is what you missed in the ad world.

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Jan 05, 2023

REVEALED: The Campaign US 2023 Agency of the Year shortlist

The agencies on this list have demonstrated their ability to excel above and beyond their peers in more than 15 categories.

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Dec 21, 2022

Chemistry Unfiltered: December

Did you miss the latest edition of our new newsletter, Chemistry Unfiltered? Or do you want to learn more about our experiments in the Lab and what brands we’ve dissected? Don’t worry - we got you covered. This month we focused on our favorite brands that spent 2022 leaning into experimentation. Take a peek at our experimentation inspirations!

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Dec 05, 2022

Chemistry shortlisted for Adweek’s Midsized Agency of the Year

Independent full-service agency Chemistry announced today that it has been shortlisted for Adweek's Midsized Agency of the Year. The agency is one of only four independent firms to be shortlisted.

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Dec 01, 2022

How Gen Z Is Shaping the 2022 Holiday Shopping Season

From an obsession with TikTok to a desire to revitalize ‘90s fashion and makeup trends, Gen Z is defining what’s popular in American culture, and holiday shopping will be no different.

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Sep 08, 2022

10 Great Album Covers

As a kid born in the ’70s, MTV and the rise of hip-hop shaped not only my taste in music but how I have worked for over 25 years in advertising. I’ve always been easily distracted. Music has been there to keep me on track.

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Aug 23, 2022

Marketing agency focused on connecting to Hispanic communities expands to Scottsdale

A national advertising agency focused on connecting brands with the Hispanic market has expanded to the Valley.

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Aug 05, 2022

Chemistry Honored as An Ad Age Small Agency of the Year for Third Time

Independent, full-service agency Chemistry today announced it has been named an Ad Age Small Agency of the Year for the third time, solidifying the agency as one of the top independent shops in marketing.

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Jul 29, 2022

Chemistry Unfiltered: August

Did you miss the first edition of our new newsletter, Chemistry Unfiltered? Or do you want to learn more about any of the experiments we dissected? Don’t worry- we got you covered. Here is what you missed in the ad world this month.

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Jul 20, 2022

Halfway Through 2022, Meta Is Still Finding Its Footing With DTC Brands

The rebound from the shocks of iOS on Meta’s performance products is being felt unevenly for DTC brands.

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May 18, 2022

Too Hot to Handle and Love is Blind Stars Form a ’90s Boy Band to Launch Netflix’s ‘Love Has No Off Season’

Chemistry teams up with Netflix to introduce the streaming platform’s new ‘Reality Romance’ genre.

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May 05, 2022

Elon Musk Hates Ads. Twitter Needs Them. That May Be a Problem.

Many marketers were already lukewarm on the service. Now, some may move their money elsewhere if the content moderation policies are relaxed.

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Apr 21, 2022

Renee Williams Royal Joins Chemistry as VP, Head of Production

Independent full-service agency Chemistry has announced that Renee Williams Royal has joined the agency as its VP, Head of Production.

Chemistry News

Feb 14, 2022

Chemistry Honored as a Top 20 Independent Agency by One Show

Independent, full-service agency Chemistry has been named a Top 20 independent agency at The One Show, one of the world’s most prestigious award shows in advertising, design, and digital marketing.


Feb 07, 2022

A Plea to Women Thinking of Leaving the AD Business

The industry needs you to help advocate for evolution, flexibility and opportunity

PR Week

Feb 04, 2022

Pinta Rebrands as Chemistry Cultura

The Hispanic-owned PR firm was acquired by ad agency Chemistry last year.


Sep 20, 2021

Despite Some Risks, More Brands Are Blowing Up Consumers’ Phones With Texts

When a brand interrupts your online shopping spree to offer a 15% discount in exchange for your phone number, ignoring it and paying full price feels pretty indefensible.

Global News Wire

Aug 05, 2021

Chemistry Honored as An Ad Age Small Agency of the Year for Third Time

Chemistry today announced it has been named an Ad Age Small Agency of the Year for the third time, solidifying the agency as one of the top independent shops in marketing.

Media Post

Jul 20, 2021

Fueling The Desire To Disrupt

One of the most common requests within our industry is to help legacy brands become more innovative. After hundreds of years in business, they want to attempt something brand-new. It’s admirable. Encouraging, really. 


Jun 30, 2021

Transitioning towards truth

Last year, at age 53, amid the pandemic, I discovered a hidden truth about myself and began to identify my gender as female. This was a major change, to say the least.

The Drum

Jun 23, 2021

Are these the best mobile ads ever? The art of selling a cellphone

From Nokia’s breakthrough moments to Apple’s creative genius, we talk to top creatives about what they consider the most creative smartphone ads ever made.


Feb 19, 2021

Being the change: How to provide Black creatives with advertising opportunities

It's good to talk about diversity and inclusion, but for advertising to really become a career option for Black people, the industry needs to first invest in them, says Keiarra McLean.

Muse by Clio

Jan 19, 2021

It’s Time to Burn the Brief

One of the most challenging aspects of our industry is to NOT immediately begin making, creating and building.

Muse by Clio

Jan 12, 2021

Atlanta’s Black Culture Has Influenced America for Decades, but Jan. 5 Was Different

Last week, there were tragic attacks in Washington D.C., spotlighting the troubling differences of what it means to be white versus Black in America.

Chemistry News

Dec 22, 2020

How Gen Z Is Sick of ‘It’, Yet Making Things Happen

Gen Z is clearly the new “it” generation with a new study, stat or prediction about them coming out nearly every day.

4A's Stratfest

Oct 22, 2020

Stratfest 2020: Overcoming Bias in the Brief

At StratFest 2020, they explored how strategists need to rethink the craft to both lead and deliver impact at speed.


Oct 21, 2020

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Launches Emotionally-Driven Campaign

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has partnered with full-service agency Chemistry to create an emotionally-driven campaign designed to educate parents on the importance of specialized pediatric care to serve the unique needs of teens.

Chemistry News

Sep 02, 2020

Diverse Communities Are Hit the Hardest but Are Critical to Fueling Our Recovery

For someone who has dedicated his 20-year career to helping companies engage the Latino community, it’s tragic to observe the disproportionate damage Covid-19 has brought.

Chemistry News

Aug 31, 2020

Let’s Make a Difference: Learnings From Allyship & Action 2.0

Chemistry attended the Allyship & Action  Summit 2.0 on Tuesday, August 4th, and joined as the summit aimed to connect allies to Black creatives and other allies to learn and continue this important conversation.