We kept it real with five guys

Burger, Fries, Rock & Roll. What’s more Americana than Five Guys? And how can we translate that Americana into something that would keep bringing folks in the door? As Five Guy’s digital agency of record, we identified a differentiating strategy focused on the consumer truth of choice paralysis and launched a brand campaign that highlights the simplicity of Five Guys – a Refreshingly Real burger joint where what you see is what you get. We dug into key audiences that could drive business growth and identified the barriers they’re facing when making a decision about where to eat. Our campaign addresses those barriers through 78 unique pieces of distinct creative messaging deployed across 11 channels, all showcasing Five Guys as the Refreshingly Real place to get a burger.


Impressions (+87% YOY)


Clicks (+65% YOY)


CPA (+67% YOY)