MATTER | July 13, 2018

MATTER | July 13, 2018

Every week, our senior strategist David Choe puts together a link roundup of links that he likes and sends them around the office. This is that list, presented unabridged.


Summer sauntering is over.


Actually, not sure if it ever started. It’s been busy, and in the best way possible. So far we’ve thrown a kick-ass party, gone to Cannes, made some dope work and sent our interns to London.

The internet has been busy too. This week on Matter we talk about rice & gene editing and other beautiful things.

Higher Love.



Building a Business Around Purpose. Literally.


Purpose has become like most things in the business world: a really interesting concept at first and now a banal marketing term.

This company, Organically Grown Company, has implemented a new business structure that makes the new owner a trust and not a person.

It’s genius really.


A New Gene Editing That Could Cure Cancer?


Sign me up.

“The researchers have already used the method in the laboratory to alter the abnormal immune cells of children with a rare genetic condition. They plan to return the altered cells to the children in an effort to cure them.”

The future is now folks.


Can Twenty-Foot Tall Rice Save the Planet?


Yes, I mean the rice plant and not the grain of rice. But a 20 foot tall grain of rice would be dope af.

It’s really in the case we flood the Earth and need plants that can grow above water.

How you gonna pick that tho?




All Things Advertising


Papa John is out fam, good riddance.



You ever been to a robot aquarium?

Rainstorm Porn

Future of 4D design

The minute-by-minute guide to surviving a day in prison

Korean Fish Art?

The differences in how CNN, MSNBC and Fox cover news, visualized

Uber x Venmo partnership 

Just some knitwear that’ll give you seizures