MATTER | September 28, 2018

MATTER | September 28, 2018

Every week (or every other week, or sometimes every other season), our senior strategist David Choe puts together a link roundup of links that he likes and sends them around the office. This is that list, presented unabridged.


Make way for Greatness


This week was quite the maelstrom of news and other unpleasantries. Which is why we’ve devoted much of this week’s Matter to topics of progress.


Let’s make way for greatness.


One woman’s quest to revitalize D.C.


This is the amazing story of Angelique Brunner, and her journey to reclaim a once thriving community, and bring new opportunities to areas that have been long since abandoned.

Her mission is twofold: “Rebuild the capital’s neighborhoods and bringing new jobs to people who desperately need them.”

Keep it going Ms. Brunner


Life after bankruptcy: an American Apparel story


We all witnessed the tumultuous fall of the American Apparel empire, and perhaps we’re about to see its re-birth.

After booting their controversial founder, they’ve made some big changes, and have even re-opened their flagship store.

The Comeback


You can now become Jean Grey.


One of the most beloved Class A Mutants, Jean Grey and her telekinetic powers, have been admired for many generations. Now, we can have her power.

Move physical objects with this headset.




All Things Advertising


Wieden + Kennedy confronts unconscious bias and diversity 




Instagram’s cofounders resign

Lettuce innovation

Amazon’s 4 star store

The curse of fame

The changing landscape of NYC luxury

Facebook and 50 million people got hacked

A visual history of Jordans

Carbonated coffee IS A REAL THING

The 20th century guide to drawing Japanese waves

The most outrageous iPhone cases lol

Maintaining creative flow

The myth of the frugal billionaire



We been up to a lot, but most recently, saving America’s wild horses. 


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