Becoming a Mama and Media

By Katherine Lancaster, Senior Media Planner / Buyer


With the world changing around us so rapidly these days, I’m finding that not only am I keeping up with the ever-changing climate of social distancing, Zoom meetings and short trips outside, but I’m also navigating the world as a soon-to-be mom of a baby girl! While that can bring on its own challenges, I’m honestly more excited than anything to begin this journey with her and my family. 


Entering the world of motherhood, I’m paying even more attention to my consumer habits, and how I can attribute that back to my clients. I’m finding that as I’m navigating through early stages of motherhood, it’s becoming more modern, especially with millennial moms. Millennial moms aren’t afraid to make their mark, and are becoming more comfortable in being any type of mom they want to be (compared to what society has told us we should be) – whether that’s the stay-at-home mom, or the mom with a career. In addition, with technology being so readily available these days, moms are taking on more responsibilities while also looking for resources to help make their lives much more simple – such as Facebook mom groups, parenting newsletters and (who can forget) the cuteness of sharing their kid’s #OOTD on Instagram. 


More millennials are becoming moms as well – 8 in 10 births are to millennials, with over 100 million babies born globally every year. Moms aren’t afraid to make their mark either, and with millennial spending power at an estimated $600 billion annually, this gives us advertisers a HUGE opportunity to capture their interest and trust. 


Whether it’s their first or third child, moms are eager for advice and guidance, and even more these days rely on digital media (through mediums like content articles and social media) to help them navigate these somewhat uncharted waters. Because of this, millennial moms are:

  • More digital, spending over 20 hours a week on social media
  • More on the go, with 1 in 4 meals eaten in their vehicles
  • More fearful, with special attention and mindfulness to how to combat ADHD, ADD, childhood obesity and cyberbullying
  • Seeking more information, with 628 million search results in 0.95 seconds for “healthy food”
  • And (sadly) feeling more pressure, with 68% of Moms on social media feeling that their parenting decisions are being judged by other moms. 


Keeping all of this in mind (and being eight months pregnant as of publishing date), I feel like I’m more prepared to tackle the world of parenting because of the work done at Chemistry with our client Strong4Life.

Strong4Life has covered much of the data mentioned above and a branch of our other client, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, provides resources to new moms and moms with four or five children already, ages 0 to 18, with content ranging from Breastfeeding, to Balanced Breakfast Ideas, even to tough topics such as deciphering what’s Sadness vs. Depression in Kids and Teens. Many of the hard data you’re seeing above, Strong4Life has covered it and given moms peace of mind as they navigate motherhood either for the first or third time. I’m proud to stand behind Strong4Life’s work and support them through our work here at the agency.


Personally, I’ve learned valuable information for my own knowledge, such as allowing my baby girl to be her own, authentic self, while understanding the proper nutrients she needs to grow. Professionally, I know how to execute any future campaigns in this category, based on the sole fact of studying and understanding the mind of mom since I first started at Chemistry in September 2018. It makes me excited to see the future of the industry, and also starting this new chapter in my life as a #girlmom.