From Advertisers to Improvisers

Natalie Otterson, Account Supervisor


With the shifts of how the world works due to COVID-19, we advertisers have had to become even more flexible and adept than before. Our beautiful marketing plans, honed over many hours, are ancient history and have been replaced with week-to-week, day-to-day, moment-to-moment plans. The new campaigns we concepted, created, and approved need to be rethought and reworked. 


Our traditional thinking has been shifted to accommodate for the “new normal.”  We’ve had to let go of what could have been and move forward with the here and now. We’re working even more closely with our clients to set them up for success. And most importantly, we’re constantly adapting and changing in real-time. 


These traits we’ve had to take on (and master) during this time are that of an improviser: being in the moment and accepting the reality, supporting your partner(s), and most importantly, making actionable choices to build a story. 


All of these lead to the larger mantra of improv, “yes, and” – listening to what you’ve been given, agreeing to the offer, and adding to it.


Like improvisors, in order to have any success with our audience, we have to work together in real-time to address what’s directly ahead of us and build a story together – be it for a new strategy, campaign, or even a social post. 


To keep their attention, we must focus on what we’re doing now, have a clear point of view, and evolve over time as we experience new things. And maybe make them laugh here and there.


So now, someday soon when you go support that one weird friend (*cough cough*) at their improv show after months of them begging you to go and you exclaim after, “I could never do that,” think again.


You can. We are.