Remote Intern Life at Chemistry

By: Nikki Méndez

During the last week of MAIP, amidst face of talent, I was of course faced with the terrifying question “Shit. What am I going to do after this?” I hadn’t yet gotten any strong leads for an advertising job in Atlanta and the existential terror was setting in!


Fast forward to not even a day later, I get a call from a creative director at Chemistry Agency offering me an art direction internship. I had envisioned this moment all summer. I imagined myself jumping with joy and calling my mom to celebrate. But oddly, my initial reaction was pure confusion. I couldn’t believe it! A person who I connected with on LinkedIn and had maybe two conversations with was calling ME… to offer me an internship. And not going to lie I stayed shocked and confused up until the day all the cute Chemistry merch and welcome letter showed up in my mailbox.


Chemistry has been pure magic since I started. I have had the amazing opportunity to be trusted on numerous projects (check out the Hispanic Heritage Month social postsI made here) and I’m working with a group of amazingly supportive people.
But let’s get to the interesting part. Here’s the agency tea… I mean tips…


You better love what you do because you’re gonna be doing it way more than 40 hours per week! Especially as a creative working in a virtual space, sometimes an idea comes to you when you’re cooking your tostones so you just have to bust out the laptop and make it happen 🤷🏻‍♀️ also deadlines are crazy.


Have virtual lunch with people!!! Chemistry LUCKILY has a program set up where you have virtual lunch with new people every week for the first four weeks, but I know not every agency does this. Since you can’t just pop into people’s offices, pop into their DMs and invite them to virtual lunch. It is not only helpful for familiarizing yourself with the agency, but it’s a good way to make friends.


All agencies need welcome packages. The excitement I felt getting that box in the mail full of Chemistry goodies (Snapback hat, coffee mug, flash drive, pen, and handwritten note) made me feel like part of the team. Only thing missing was stickers… 👀


Figure out what kind of creative you are, what you need to be successful, and what conditions you work best under. It’s also important to be able to understand the same about your partners and coworkers. For example, I’m non confrontational, I’m very forgetful so I have to take lots of notes, and I need to slam an energy drink and binge the Joe Rogan podcast if I want to actually execute all those designs I said I was going to have done by 9am tomorrow. And I work best with people who are understanding, straight up, give constructive feedback, have minimal egos, and give me the pat on the head I need every once in a while.


Jump on as many projects as you can and always offer your perspective. Not only will you get a bunch of experience but maybe it will impress enough people that you get a job at the end. That’s what you’re there for, right? 😉


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